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February - March 2024

N E Rowe Lecture Competition Solent

Present on an aerospace topic of your choice

or join us to learn from these presentations

University of Southampton
Room B58/1067

Southampton SO17 1TR

   Date: 20th February 2024
   Time: 18:00 Welcome
                 18:30 Start


Venue 2 
University of Portsmouth


Under 22 Category

Venue 1 
University of Southampton

Room B46 / 2005
Southampton SO17 1PS

Venue 2 
University of Portsmouth

Lecture room PO1.74
Portsmouth PO1 2UP

   Date: 12th March 2024
   Time: 18:00 Welcome
                 18:30 Start

   Date: 19th March 2024
   Time: 17:30 Welcome
                 18:00 Start

Register no later than:

   4th March 2024

Register your interest in competing together with a summary of your presentation, max 500 words, no later than
Under 22 - 4th March

Under 30 - Entries Closed
Join us at these sessions to hear from the next generation of aerospace leaders and make this experience memorable and valuable for them through sharing in their enthusiasm for the topics and by participating in the Q&A discussion.

Further details and rules for N E Rowe Competition can be found here 

From team scrum meetings to global streamed events, effective presentation counts

The opportunity to give a 20 minute presentation on an aerospace topic to a live audience is being offered to those under 30.

Great ideas, analyses, designs, strategies, etc. only come to fruition if conveyed and sold effectively.

This is an opportunity to practice presenting and gain experience of doing so in a competitive environment, and this is where it may lead:

2023 National Under 22 Winner

2023 National Under 30 Winner

For questions and entries:

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