22nd March 2022

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A400M: Flight Testing the 21st Century Airlifter

Jon Taylor
Experimental Test Pilot
A400M Project Pilot

Simon Nicastro
Flight Test Engineer and A400M Flight Test Manager

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B176L Room 1125 (Bolderwood Campus)
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18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

15th February 2022

Venue TBA

Next Generation Jetpacks

Antony Quinn CRAeS
CEO Maverick Aviation Ltd

Antony will explore the turbulent story of personal flight without the aid of wings, fuselage, or rotors. From Moore’s Rocket Belt which first flew in 1960 to the experimental concepts flying today. He will investigate the persistent technical challenges, the practicality of use cases, and the public’s enduring fascination with jetpacks. Antony will also introduce the pioneering research of Maverick Aviation Ltd, the company developing the next generation of jetpacks.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

1st February 2022



Where no one else wants to fly

Stuart Fitch FRAeS
Director Flight Operations
Mission Aviation Fellowship

Stuart will be relating some of his own experiences flying in some unusual places and speaking on the history of Mission Aviation Fellowship, the work they currently undertake and the particular challenges of conducting commercial flight and maintenance operations in some of the most isolated, least developed and unregulated countries on earth.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

7th December 2021

Rolls Royce Lecture

Neil Chattle FRAeS


18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

30th November 2021

The University of Southampton’s Development of
Large Long Range Drones

Professor James Scanlan FRAeS


The university has been funded by a charity “Windracers” to develop a humanitarian aid delivery drone. The university successfully developed “ULTRA”; Europe’s largest non-military drone. It is capable of carrying a 100kg payload for up to 1000km. This platform has been flying extensive trial missions in the UK to prove the aircraft and systems.

This talk will give an overview of its development and associated operational issues. In particular the talk will discuss the unique avionics architecture essential to provide very robust performance for long range missions.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

22nd November 2021

Biomimicry Bharath Ganapathisubramani Poster.png

Fossils and Fluids: Flying and Swimming in the Natural World and their Engineering Applications

Dr. Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

Dr. Bharathram is a Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Head of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton.

The poster for this event can be found here.

Venue: University of Southampton

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

9th November 2021

Space Junk: Will Space Still Be Usable In The Future?

Xander Hall


In this lecture Xander will give an overview of the issues of space debris, along with an insight into how to tackle the growing number of objects in space. The RemoveDEBRIS demonstrator satellite, launched in 2018, was the first satellite to demonstrate in-orbit capturing technologies and a wealth of data has been collected from the mission. This will be unpacked during the lecture with some other developments to highlight how the space environment can be kept sustainable for future use.

Xander Hall is a Mission Systems Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space, focusing on topics such as robotics and in-orbit servicing.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts