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80th Branch Annual General Meeting 2024

 Wednesday 8th May 2024

18:30 - “Doors open”

19:00 - AGM

19:15 - Lecture starts



Venue: Solent Sky Museum

The AGM will be followed by the Branch Lecture below.

Next Lecture

25th April 2024 - 18:30

Journey to Becoming a Boeing 777 Captain
and How You Can Become One Too!

Captain Suzanne Morgan will share her journey to becoming a Captain with British Airways.
She will also talk about the new Speedbird Academy and how to progress through the application process!

Image © Andrew E. Cohen Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Deed

Suzanne Morgan, long haul Captain on the Boeing 777 with British Airways

Suzanne had her love of flying ignited by her first flight sitting on her father’s knee at the age of four in a vintage glider called Bluebell.

With a father who was a former RAF pilot and flew gliders and light aircraft when not being the City of Cambridge’s Chief Highways engineer, a mother who edited a gliding magazine and an older brother who also shared the family passion and is currently a training Captain for EasyJet, she grew up surrounded by aviation minded people.

Having learnt to fly the aerobatic Bulldog trainer with the University Air Squadron while studying Physiology at UCL, Suzanne declined selection by the RAF as a pilot as, at that time, woman were only offered careers as transport pilots.  Instead, she joined British Midland in 1990 on their partially sponsored Air Transport Pilot Licence course.

Suzanne then flew short haul European routes for six years, before joining BA in 1998 to fly long haul.  After two years flying the Boeing 747-436 and seventeen flying the Boeing 777, she achieved long haul command on the 777 at the first opportunity to do so.

As a mother to two teenage boys Suzanne went part time in 2001, the flexibility of bidding and swapping work in British Airways allowing her to manage childcare and fly on average three times a month, sometimes with her husband, also a 777 Captain.  She is also a member of the BA recruitment team, interviews candidate pilots, is a mentor to students on BA platform Speedbird Z, a Menopause Champion at BA and has just finished two years as a Department of Transport Aviation Ambassador.

One of Suzanne’s proudest moments in aviation was landing a 747 into San Francisco with her father on the flight deck jump seat (when such things were permissible). Another was seeing her sons, at a young age, fly in the glider Bluebell, where for her it had all began.

Lecture Theatre Access and Location

The theatre is fully accessible and this guide may be helpful as may this description.

The building can be entered from either side, and the following three links locate the east and west entrances and the building respectively:,+SO17+1PS/@50.9346425,-1.4019437,17z/data=!3m1!4b1?entry=ttu

The post code for the University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, is notionally 1/4 mile from the theatre.

A better post code for SATNAV purposes is SO17 1PS with parking off Chamberlain Road.

18:00 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts



Physics Building

Lecture Theatre C

Room 46/2005

University of Southampton

SO17 1PS

Next Lecture

8th May 2024 - 19:15

One Hundred Years of Air Navigation

Wing Commander John Coote MBE RAF (Retired)

18:30 - “Doors open”

19:00 - AGM

19:15 - Lecture starts



Solent Sky Museum

Albert Road South


SO14 3FR

John will highlight the major developments in the field of Air Navigation from the earliest days of aviation to the present day as viewed from his perspective as an RAF Navigator on Vulcan B2s and Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, and a graduate of the RAF General Duties Aerosystems Course.

In an RAF career spanning 37 years, John served as a frontline navigator, worked in research and development, and was an MOD staff officer.  Subsequently he spent almost seven years with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory as a programme manager and analyst working in the field of reconnaissance.

Next Lecture

20th March 2024 - 18:30

The Autonomous Systems Journey from Lab to Ubiquity

Professor William (Andy) Wright FREng, FIET, CEng, PhD, BSc
EPSRC Council, Chair Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) Hub

Image credit Eve Air Mobility by Halo Aviation

Andy has been involved in the development of new and novel technology for over 30 years, including in many of the key technologies underpinning autonomous systems.

That, combined with his having led BAE Systems technology strategy and innovation initiatives for many years and his chairing of the UKRI’s Trusted Autonomous Systems Hub, makes Andy as well placed as anyone to describe Autonomous Systems progression from the lab to everyday use and the many challenges that remain to the realisation of their full potential.

18:00 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts



Physics Building

Lecture Theatre C

Room 46/2005

University of Southampton

SO17 1PS

Lecture Theatre Access and Location

The theatre is fully accessible and this guide may be helpful as may this description.

The building can be entered from either side, and the following three links locate the east and west entrances and the building respectively:,+SO17+1PS/@50.9346425,-1.4019437,17z/data=!3m1!4b1?entry=ttu

The post code for the University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, is notionally 1/4 mile from the theatre.

A better post code for SATNAV purposes is SO17 1PS with parking off Chamberlain Road.

Planes, trains and automobiles:
Experiences in human factors in transport.

26th February 2024


Fareham College - CEMAST


PO13 9FU


Locate using


15:00 - Doors open

15:30 - Lecture starts

Mark Young, 
Professor of Human Factors, University of Southampton


This lecture will give an introduction to the varied applications of human factors across transportation contexts. Drawing on experience in aviation, rail and automotive, the speaker will describe case studies from all three modes illustrating how human factors can improve safety, efficiency and satisfaction, as well as helping us to understand what happened when things have gone wrong. Examples from accident investigations will be used to show how the human factors involved are not just about the last person who touched it, but go much deeper into the system.

19th October 2023

RAF F-35B Landing No 2.jpeg

 © Crown Copyright

Venue:  Portsmouth University
Room PO1.74, Portland Building
#2 on the campus map


Access Guide

What F-35 can teach us about global software delivery for impact

Dr Kate Gill FRAeS

Systems Engineering is a diverse field both in terms of approaches but also in impact and exploitation.

Working across 12 political systems, with over 700 aircraft operational worldwide, the F35 is a 5th Generation military aircraft which delivers impact through data.


Keeping all the software intensive systems flying, through obsolescence, repair, new technology and upgrade is a configuration and logistical challenge.


In late 2019, the US F35 Joint Project Office embraced agile software delivery to reduce software cycle times from 18 months to 6 weeks.


This is the story of that time.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

24th May 2023

The People’s Mosquito – Returning a UK-built Mosquito to our Skies.

Alan Pickford

Director of Finance & TPM Club Chairman

© The People's Mosquito 2023.

The presentation covers a brief history and details. Of construction of the de Havilland Mosquito before going on to describe the formation of The People’s Mosquito, our plan is to return a UK-built Mosquito to our skies and the latest status of the project. 

DATE: 13th October 2022

Warren East CBE
CEO Rolls Royce PLC

Warren will share some of his experience as CEO, both at ARM and Rolls-Royce. He will talk about the imminent challenge (opportunity!) of the transition to Net Zero for Rolls-Royce and conclude with some reflections on his journey as a leader of transformational technology companies.

3rd May 2023

YPC Hackathon Competition

We’re proud to present this year’s Hackathon competition! Join us for the afternoon as you take on a space-themed coding challenge! The winning team will get a prize and all contestants will get some free pizza!


The event will be held from 5 pm in Building 25/1007 (Computer Workstation) and last around 2 hours. It will feature 3 challenges, as well a short presentation at the end!


You may bring your own computer or use the ones present in the room (they may require setting up). SIGN UP as a team or individually to be assigned one.

Hackathon Poster 2023.jpg

5th December 2022

Careers Workshop - Young Person's Committee

Careers Workshop Poster.jpg

Join us for a careers themed workshop consisting of three 20 min talks about how hiring works in the aerospace industry and what to expect when applying.


We’re happy to receive:

· Nicholas Davies - RAeS Careers

 “How to Make an Ideal CV”

· Andy Gardner - Careers Consultant, FEPS, 37 years’ experience  as a careers adviser, writer and lecturer.

“Tackling the Aero and Astro Labour Market”

· Matthew Hastings - University of Southampton Aero/Astro Graduate

“Applications, Interviews and Assessment Days”


This event will be held in Room 07/ 3037 at the University of Southampton.

Guarantee your spot by signing up!

Event Poster

18:00 - Event starts

Venue: Building 07 / 3027

24th November 2022

An Overview of Airbus in the UK

Jeremy Greaves
Vice President, UK Corporate Affairs & Strategy

Jeremy will dispelling the myth that Airbus is just wings and civil aircraft in the UK.  They are  so much more and they are recruiting!

© Airbus 2022 – All rights reserved.

Room 35/1001, David Kiddle Building

University of Southampton Maps

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18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

2nd February 2023

Zephyr: Pioneering the Stratosphere

Richard Tyler
Head of Flight Crew and Training

Colin Whiteley
Zephyr Electrical Engineering Manager

© Airbus 2023 – All rights reserved.

Zephyr is an ultra-light solar electric aircraft, optimised for operation in the lower Stratosphere. With beyond line-of-sight command and control, Zephyr can operate from the stratosphere anywhere over the globe. It offers year-round persistence in the midlatitude range and seasonal coverage at high latitude. Its endurance is measured in months and offers a complementary capability to LEO satellites, but with geostationary behavior. This exciting talk will describe the technology, the capability and present what is next for this innovative and disruptive technology. 

Room 35/1001, David Kiddle Building

University of Southampton Maps

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18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

2nd March 2023

67th RJ Mitchell Lecture

Engineering Prosperity:

Why wouldn’t everyone want to be an engineer? 

Alex Cresswell

CEO and Chairman of Thales UK


Thursday 2nd March 2023

6 pm - Drinks Reception

7 pm - Lecture

Turner Sims Concert Hall
Southampton SO17 1BJ

University of Southampton Maps

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 Advanced Registration Required
Free Event open to all

Evolution –

From Schneider to Spitfire


Paul Beaver FRAeS

Wednesday 4th May following 

Solent Sky Museum

The evening's lecture will begin on completion of the AGM at approximately 19:15. 


Paul Beaver FRAeS will present a compelling history of the evolution of the Spitfire. 


Paul is an aviation historian, broadcaster and writer who specialises in the 1930s and 1940s. He is very much a hands-on historian with his own vintage Miles Messenger aeroplane.  Other aeroplane types in his log book include the Spitfire and Mustang.

19th November 2022

Young Person's Committee

Aerochallenge 2022

Aerochallenge 2022 Poster.JPG

Sign up for this year's Young Person's Committee Aerochallenge Competition!

Join us in a fun afternoon and compete for prizes as well as the chance to attend the national finals! We'll also have free pizza for all participants.

You can sign-up individually or as a team (3-5 people)

Room 46/3001


22nd March 2022

A400M Unpaved Runway Test.jpg

A400M: Flight Testing the 21st Century Airlifter

Jon Taylor
Experimental Test Pilot
A400M Project Pilot

Simon Nicastro
Flight Test Engineer and A400M Flight Test Manager

© Airbus SAS 2016 – All rights reserved.

B176L Room 1125 (Bolderwood Campus)
Google Maps

What3words: candy.wrong.vines

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

15th February 2022

Venue TBA

Next Generation Jetpacks

Antony Quinn CRAeS
CEO Maverick Aviation Ltd

Antony will explore the turbulent story of personal flight without the aid of wings, fuselage, or rotors. From Moore’s Rocket Belt which first flew in 1960 to the experimental concepts flying today. He will investigate the persistent technical challenges, the practicality of use cases, and the public’s enduring fascination with jetpacks. Antony will also introduce the pioneering research of Maverick Aviation Ltd, the company developing the next generation of jetpacks.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

1st February 2022



Where no one else wants to fly

Stuart Fitch FRAeS
Director Flight Operations
Mission Aviation Fellowship

Stuart will be relating some of his own experiences flying in some unusual places and speaking on the history of Mission Aviation Fellowship, the work they currently undertake and the particular challenges of conducting commercial flight and maintenance operations in some of the most isolated, least developed and unregulated countries on earth.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

7th December 2021

Rolls Royce Lecture

Neil Chattle FRAeS


18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

30th November 2021

The University of Southampton’s Development of
Large Long Range Drones

Professor James Scanlan FRAeS


The university has been funded by a charity “Windracers” to develop a humanitarian aid delivery drone. The university successfully developed “ULTRA”; Europe’s largest non-military drone. It is capable of carrying a 100kg payload for up to 1000km. This platform has been flying extensive trial missions in the UK to prove the aircraft and systems.

This talk will give an overview of its development and associated operational issues. In particular the talk will discuss the unique avionics architecture essential to provide very robust performance for long range missions.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

22nd November 2021

Biomimicry Bharath Ganapathisubramani Poster.png

Fossils and Fluids: Flying and Swimming in the Natural World and their Engineering Applications

Dr. Bharathram Ganapathisubramani

Dr. Bharathram is a Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Head of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton.

The poster for this event can be found here.

Venue: University of Southampton

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

9th November 2021

Space Junk: Will Space Still Be Usable In The Future?

Xander Hall


In this lecture Xander will give an overview of the issues of space debris, along with an insight into how to tackle the growing number of objects in space. The RemoveDEBRIS demonstrator satellite, launched in 2018, was the first satellite to demonstrate in-orbit capturing technologies and a wealth of data has been collected from the mission. This will be unpacked during the lecture with some other developments to highlight how the space environment can be kept sustainable for future use.

Xander Hall is a Mission Systems Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space, focusing on topics such as robotics and in-orbit servicing.

18:15 - “Doors open”

18:30 - Lecture starts

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