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Welcome to the lectures page

The RAeS Solent Branch holds lectures every month that anyone can attend at no charge. Both members and non-members are welcome. For more details on how to find where the lectures below are held, please see the lecture locations page.


Next Lecture:

Formula 1 Aerodynamics: Modelling for Performance

Monday 6th February - 19:00 (doors at 18:30)

Murray Lecture Theatre 
University of Southampton

Presented by Mr Stephen Liddle, Principal Aerodynamicist, Renault Sport Racing

Steve studied for MEng and PhD degrees at the University of Manchester, during which he spent time at Rolls-Royce, developing manufacturing technology for the JSF (F-35B Lightning II) aircraft programme. After briefly working in consultancy, again mainly contributing to JSF, he spent several years in research back at the University of Manchester, looking at the development of novel aerodynamic actuators in work supported by BAE Systems and Airbus. In February 2010 he was part of a team that achieved pitch control in flight of a gas turbine powered aircraft, using fluidic thrust vectoring alone. The model scale aircraft, JAVA, is now on display in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Later in 2010, he changed direction and joined Red Bull Technology as an aerodynamicist. Although difficult to claim any credit for the first championships in 2010, he increasingly contributed to the aerodynamic design and development of the 2011-2014 cars, all of which won races and resulted in a further three consecutive World Drivers' and Constructors' championships. He moved to Lotus as a Principal Aerodynamicist in 2014, with the team subsequently becoming part of Renault Sport Racing, where he is responsible for the aerodynamic development of the rear of the car.

Steve is a Chartered Engineer, was chairman of the Young Members Board of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2008-10, elected as a council member in 2010 and became a Fellow of the society in 2015. Since 2011, he has been a trustee of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, which operated the last airworthy Avro Vulcan and aims to return the record breaking Canberra WK163 to flight.

Our lectures are open to everyone.

Directions can be found on the lecture locations page.


Future Lectures:

RJ Mitchell Lecture

Rosetta and Beyond: ESA's Interplanetary Missions Operations

Tuesday 21st February - 19:00 (doors at 18:30)

Turner Sims Concert Hall
University of Southampton

Presented by Dr Paolo Ferri, Head, Missions Operations Department, European Space Agency


Full details on the RJ Mitchell Lecture page.


More lectures will be added to the programme throughout the season.  Please check back regularly or like our Facebook page for updates.