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The RAeS Solent Branch holds lectures every month that anyone can attend at no charge. Both members and non-members are welcome. For more details on how to find where the lectures below are held, please see the lecture locations page.


Next Lecture:

The Icarus Wingsuit Project

Thursday 15th February - 18:45 (doors at 18:00)

Physics B Lecture Theatre - University of Southampton

Presented by Dr Angelo Niko Grubišic, wingsuit BASE jumper and lecturer of aeronautics and astronautics

Lecture Poster

Dr. Grubišic is the British FAI PPC silver medallist for wingsuit performance skydiving and holds the British PPC record for distance flown in competition. He is a wingsuit BASE jumper and Lecturer of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton. Over the last two years, Dr. Grubišic and students at Southampton have helped to put scientific understanding in to wingsuit aerodynamics, leading projects to try to make the sport safer and save lives by expanding pilot knowledge and developing innovations to give pilots greater margin.

Wingsuit BASE athletes use low aspect ratio ram air pressurised aeroelastic suits to fly from cliffs and down mountainsides, and at speeds between 160-400 km/h.  Within the last two years, many leading pilots have died in the sport with an accelerating trend and 36 in 2016. A significant number of fatalities have occurred during terrain flying or loss of control when exiting cliffs. One factor is the poorly developed aerodynamic performance of wingsuits, which stall suddenly and are unforgiving of pilot error.

The talk will give attendees an insight into the mechanics and aerodynamics of wingsuits as well as the psychology and risks in wingsuit BASE. The talk will discuss the pioneering use of a 3D computational fluid dynamics and experimental testing at Southampton to develop insights into wingsuit aerodynamics, enabling development of adaptations to extend the flight envelope to improve safety in the sport.

Directions to  Physics Lecture Theatre B can be found on our Lecture Locations page.

Image copyright Dr Angelo Niko Grubišic


Coming Up:

RJ Mitchell Lecture

Aerodynamics Design and Testing in Elite Sport and Product Development

Monday 5th March - 19:00 (drinks reception at 18:00)

Turner Sims Concert Hall - University of Southampton

Presented by Dr Rob Lewis OBE, Managing Director, TotalSim

Lecture Poster

The Royal Aeronautical Society Solent Branch committee is delighted to have Dr Rob Lewis OBE presenting our RJ Mitchell lecture for 2018.  Rob Lewis is the managing director of TotalSim, leaders in the fields of aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

After starting his career with Fluent, a name well known to any students of CFD, Rob left to start AdvantageCFD with Adrian Reynard at Reynard Motorsports. AdvantageCFD supported all of Reynard's motorsport designs, including the BAR F1 cars.  Rob grew AdvantageCFD to 25 people by late 2006 when it was an essential part of Honda F1 aerodynamics department. AdvantageCFD succeeded in setting the standard in motorsport CFD from inception to its closure in 2007. The switch in focus away from any outside consulting by the Honda F1 Racing Team gave Rob and some of the team at AdvantageCFD the chance to continue working with their clients by creating TotalSim.

Nowadays TotalSim specialises in CFD consultancy, development and support, with a particular focus on motor racing and other high performance sport.  They have helped clients to achieve some extremely impressive goals, such as winning at Le Mans with Aston Martin and collecting several gold medals with the British Olympic cycling team.

In his presentation to us, Rob will be talking about the aerodynamic analysis of numerous racing cars Moto GP bikes and Olympic cycling equipment.  He will also reveal details of an exciting new development that TotalSim are heavily involved with: the conversion of a Victorian railway tunnel into a wind tunnel, transforming it into the world's premier full scale vehicle testing facility.

Although free to attend this is a ticketed event.  Please get you tickets at

Image copyright TotalSim


More lectures will be added to the programme throughout the season.  Please check back regularly or like our Facebook page for updates.