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Past RJ Mitchell lectures

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1954 R J Mitchell, Aircraft Designer   Mr J Smith
Vickers Supermarine Ltd
1955 Problems and Prospects in British Air Transport   Mr P G Masefield
Chief Executive BEA
1956 The Aircraft Engine   Mr A C Lovesey
Rolls-Royce Ltd
1957 Noise and Aircraft Structures   Professor E J Richards
Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Southampton
1958 The Developments of Propulsion Systems for High Speed Flight   Dr S J Hooker
Technical Director, Rolls-Royce Ltd
1959 Applied Rocket Power   Mr M J Brennan
Chief Engineer, Folland Aircraft Company
1960 Vertical Take-off by Jet Lift   Mr D Keith-Lucas
Technical Director, Shorts Aircraft
1961 Man Powered Aircraft   Mr B S Shenstone
Chief Engineer, BEA
1962 The Strength of England   Dr Barnes-Wallis
Vickers-Armstrong Ltd
1963 The Shape of Aeroplanes to Come   Mr A N Clifton
BAC, Weybridge
1964 The Development of Civil Air Transport   Mr B S Shenstone
Chief Engineer, BEA
1965 The Work of the Royal Aircraft Establishment   Mr L F Nicholson
Deputy Director, RAE, Farnborough
1966 The Ideal Gas Turbine   Mr S L Bragg
Chief Research Engineer, Rolls-Royce Ltd
1967 The Domain of the Convertible Rotor in Aircraft   Mr R Hafner
Westland Aircraft Company
1968 Kinetic Heating of Aerospace Structures   Mr J Taylor
1969 The Role of the Aircraft in Future Transport Systems   Mr E E Marshall
Technical Director, BAC (Ops) Ltd
1970 Short Haul in the Long Term - Projections in Aircraft Development   Mr D G Brown
Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd
1971 Astronautics after Apollo   Mr A V Cleaver
Divisional Director and General Manager, Rolls-Royce Rocket Department
1972 An Airports System for UK Air Service   Mr P G Masefield
Chairman, BAA
1973 MRCA - A Progress Report   Squadron Leader R W Richardson
Royal Air Force
1974 Technical and Operational Aspects of Concorde   M R Chevalier
Director General, Aerospatiale. (Lecture presented by M. Lecomte)
1975 Aero and Underwater Engineering   Mr G S Henson
The Plessey Company
1976 Sea Harrier - the First of a New Wave   Mr J W Fozard
Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd.
1977 History of British Flying Boats and the Final Stages   Mr M J Brennan
Saunders Roe Ltd
1978 The Merlin for the Spitfire and Early Rolls Royce Jet Engines   Sir Stanley Hooker
Group Technical Director, Rolls-Royce Ltd
1980 Airbus Industrie - Past, Present and Future   Mr D G Brown
Vice President, New Products, Airbus Industries
1981 The Schneider Trophy - 50 Years On   Mr D N James
Aviation Journalist and Author
1983 Fighter Aircraft Design   Mr R D Boot
British Aerospace, Military Aircraft Division, Warton
1985 Europe's Future Launchers   Mr H A Pfeffer
European Space Agency
1986 The Basic Design for the Prototype Spitfire   Mr J Davies
Supermarine Aviation Company Ltd
1987 Europe's Future Fighter   Mr J Vincent
British Aerospace, Military Aircraft Division, Warton
1988 Propulsion for Economic Space Transportation Systems   Mr A Bond
Reaction Engines Ltd
1989 Beyond 2000 with Hawk and Goshawk   Mr K G Hodson
Director, Hawk Goshawk programmes, British Aerospace
1990 Airbus Industrie - Today and Tomorrow   Mr S G Corps
Engineering Test Pilot, Airbus Industrie
1991 Rolls-Royce in Perspective, Past, Present and Future   Mr F Turner
Director. Civil Engines, Rolls-Royce plc
1992 G-Global - Britain's Role in World Air Transport   Sir Colin Marshall
Deputy Charmain, British Airways
1993 B2 - the Stealth Bomber   Mr Oliver C Boileau
President and General Manager, Northrop B-2 Division
1994 Space - Open to International Cooperation   M. Jeam-Marie Luton
Director General, European Space Agency
1995 Five Decades of Progress in Aero Engines, Remembrance of the Past and Opportunities for the Future   Brian H Rowe
Chairman, GE Aircraft Engines
1996 Technology Transfer from Mitchell to the Millenium   Mr Stewart MilIer
Director Engineering and Technology, Rolls-Royce plc
1997 The Importance of Demonstrator Programmes to the Design of High Performance Military Aircraft   Stuart Lewis
Director of Engineering, British Aerospace, Military Aircraft
1998 Changes in Commercial Aviation   Nancy Bethel
Executive Vice President, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
1999 Aspects of Technology in the Aircraft Industry   Mr Tony Edwards
Head of DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation), Ministry of Defence
2000 The Space Shuttle in the 21st Century   Marsha Ivins
NASA Astronaut
2001 The Ultimate System - Aircrew Safety in the 21st Century   Mr Brian A Miller
Executive Vice President, Martin-Baker America Inc
2002 International Air Transport after September 11th 2001   Mr Lorne Clark
Vice President, Corporate Secretary & General Counsel, IATA
2003 Celebrating 100 years of Powered Flight - The Next 100 years of Military Aviation   Air Chief Marshall Sir Malcolm Pledger
Chief of Defence Logistics, Ministry of Defence
2004 Aeroacoustics   Professor John Ffowcs Williams
Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge
2005 A380 and Beyond - an Airus Perspective   Adam Brown,
Vice President, Customer Affairs, Airbus
2006 Flying on the Ground   Pat Symonds
Executive Director of Engineering, Renault F1
2007 Systems Engineering the Future   Ian Stopps CBE, FRAeS
Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin UK
2008 The Boeing Dreamliner and British Industry   Sir Roger Bone
President, Boeing UK
2009 Lightning II - The F35   Graham Tomlinson
Lead Test Pilot for the F-35 Lightning II STOVL
2010 The Worlds Greenest Airline - The FlyBe story   Jim French CBE
Chairman and CEO FlyBe
2011 Virgin Galactic - The Dream   Will Whitehorn
Chairman, Loewy Group and Former President, Virgin Galactic
2012 Challenges & Opportunities for Advanced Engineering in the Int’l Marketplace  
Allan Cook CBE
Chairman, SELEX Galileo, WS Atkins PLC and SEMTA
2013 Powering the Future  
Colin Smith CBE
Director Engineering and Technology, Rolls Royce plc
2014 Naval Aviation - The Future  
Admiral Sir George Zambellas, KCB DSC ADC DL
First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, Royal Navy
2015 Exploring the Unknown  
Professor Richard Holdaway, CBE, FREng
Director Rutherford Appleton Space Science and Technology Facilities Council
2016 The Bloodhound Project - A Global Engineering Adventure   Mark Chapman
Chief Engineer, Bloodhound Supersonic Car
2017 Rosetta and Beyond: ESA's Interplanetary Missions Operations   Dr Paolo Ferri
Head, Mission Operations Department, European Space Agency
2018 Aerodynamics Design and Testing in Elite Sport and Product Development   Dr Rob Lewis OBE
Managing Director, TotalSim
2019 The Future's Bright, The Future's Autonomous   Dr Alvin Wilby
VP, Research, Technical & Innovation, Thales UK



Dr Tom Gibson - Technical Competence Leader, Component Aerodynamics, Airbus


Shooting for the Stars  -The First Half Century of ESA Mission Operations



Dr Paolo Ferri - Former Head of Mission Operations Department, European Space Agency